This train derailment exercise, known as Exercise Vulcan, will be held on 12-13 March, 2016, at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Exercise ATHÉNA - Train Derailment Exercise

This train derailment exercise, known as Exercise Athéna, will be held on 25-26 February, 2017, at the Institut Maritime du Québec in Lévis, Québec. Transport Canada (TC) is hosting this event in partnership with Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS). The main goal of the exercise is to assess gaps and identify areas for improvement in Canada’s response to incidents involving flammable liquids transported by rail.
February 15, 2017

Major Catherine Marchetti

Astronaut candidate's profile - Major Catherine Marchetti

Aerospace engineering officer, Canadian Armed Forces - I have specialized in space through my work on space projects (operational and research systems) and on developing space strategies/policies. I worked at the Canadian Space Agency as a mission planner and at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Millstone Hill Radar and as an orbital analyst. During my career in the Forces, I was also senior engineering and aircraft maintenance officer at 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, where I was responsible for more than 100 aircraft technicians and two fleets (CC130 Hercules and CH146 Griffon).
February 1, 2017

Thomas Karakolis, DRDC

Astronaut candidate's profile - Thomas Karakolis, DRDC

Defence Scientist at Defence Research and Development Canada (Department of National Defence) - My current research focusses on assessing the biomechanical demands placed on members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), with the goal of improving performance and preventing injuries across all branches of the CAF.
February 1, 2017


Who are the astronaut candidates?

Astronauts are modern-day explorers. They courageously travel beyond the Earth to help acquire new scientific knowledge. Their courage and determination are an inspiration to many. Despite their unique journeys, astronauts have a few things in common: an academic background in science or technology, excellent health, and outstanding qualities and skills. The candidates participating in the astronaut selection process also share these attributes. You can read their remarkable profiles here.
February 1, 2017

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