Exercise UNMANNED WARRIOR: an international exercise using autonomous tech to detect underwater mines

Beginning of video

Intense music plays in the background, the video opens on the open water with mountains in the background, it is the area surrounding Scotland’s Isle of Skye.  Text comes up on the screen in white font with a strip of black background behind it – “Exercise UNMANNED WARRIOR 2016, led by the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy”.

It cuts to a surface vehicle and a small manned boat next to it, text – “at the British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre in Scotland,” tighter shots of the underwater vehicle being launched in the open water, followed by close up shots of the underwater vehicle text – “was one of the largest demonstrations of unmanned vehicles ever. Defence Research and Development Canada brought three vehicles to the international trial;”

Music builds in tempo; sounds of splashing can be heard as well, an underwater shot of the underwater vehicle, text - “two unmanned underwater vehicles called Iver3”, there is a shot of the underwater vehicle being launched.

Shots of the surface vehicle from afar, and closer up from different angles, text “one surface vehicle called the USV-2600. The experiment explored networking unmanned vehicles underwater and on the surface”.

A shot of the surface vehicle being launched, text – “to detect and neutralize and underwater minefield.”

Shots of two technologists wearing red hard hats guiding the surface vehicle to its resting spot on a boat while it is placed by a crane, followed by another shot of the technologists packing up the vehicle.

The music gradually dies down, Defence Research and Development Canada corporate signature appears on a black screen. Canada word mark appears on a black screen.

End of video